The ‘Daft Punk Effect’ - One Year On and Their Influence on Music


No doubt about it, ‘Get Lucky‘ ruled last summer. This time last year, the radios and stereos of the world were glittered with the sun kissed sounds of Daft Punk’s biggest hit yet, a move that propelled Pharell Williams from the sidelines into ubiquity. The following album received glowing reviews from everybody from Pitchfork to NME, who gave it a perfect rating, to Entertainment Weekly.


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Born to Die defo - love every song on that album. Ultraviolence is too patchy imo

Have I got what?

Label Focus: PC Music

Label Focus: PC Music


New feature, Label Focus, acts as a guide to the music label world of internet labels and subsidiaries, giving you the best releases from each. 

PC Music are a fast rising internet label, who champion a melting pot of pop that channels sickingly cute jpop along with bubbly synths and a sweet as pie production drawing from glitch and wonky pop. The lyrics on the other hand rely on emoticons and…

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